Matt has a property outside Melbourne. Now on that block, there was a rock. A very fine granite rock, high in quartz and probably getting up towards 2.5 tonnes … apparently it had to go. Matt found the information regarding Ecobust and silent, non-explosive rock and concrete breaking on our Neoferma website.

Now, it’s only natural to feel some apprehension when purchasing a specialist innovative product, especially when your problem is a great big heavy one but nevertheless he purchased three 20kg boxes of the bizarre rock busting agent – it’s actually completely harmless to the environment and an easy cleanup.

Ecobust, Neoferma first stage of non-explosive demolition

There is, of course, a process to this kind of rock breaking and Matt hired a decent SDS set up which included a 38mm drill bit (perfect, only this one was a bit blunt)

He set to work on Goliath and had set out his penetrations at 250mm centres across the face of the rock, alienated to form an offset drill pattern.

By mid-Saturday afternoon there were a few unanswered questions …

  • Would it be okay if I used my much sharper 25mm bit?
  • If I went straight through the rock and didn’t stop at 90% penno, was that okay?
  • Was this stuff really 20,000 psi and going to bust something this hard?

Matt sent me a very polite message raising these concerns and wondering if he was having a lonely weekend appointment with a stone and if this was going to have the desired outcome.

Ecobust, Neoferma second stage of non-explosive demolition

Ecobust is specifically designed to be poured into a dust-free 38mm hole before the mix starts to stiffen (within 2 mins of paddle mixing) Clean cool water must be used ‘1.5 litres’ per 5 kg bag.

Dawn broke the following day and Matt removed the tarp that was covering the rock …

Ecobust, Neoferma third stage of non-explosive demolition

Now there’s something quite satisfying about having a win, honing your skills and slaying the dragon. Matt was kind enough to send some excellent images of his toils and said he was so impressed he was wondering how it would go getting rid of an old stump that had been bothering him.

Thanks for the feedback and the pics Matt … and if for any reason the stump cracks, let me know.

Happy rock and concrete busting

Ecobust, Neoferma fourth and final stage of non-explosive demolition

For more information on Ecobust visit our product page

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