The Unique Secondary
Containment System for
Oil & Gas Facilities


Unique Secondary
containment for hydrocarbon
and chemical products

The SandSealms system creates a durable and impervious layer for new and existing bunds.

The system includes built-in flexible properties, allowing for pipework and infrastructure movement.

Extensively tested to meet environmental, fire and durability standards.

Prevents typical causes of Secondary Containment failure;

Loss of Bund integrity due to impact

Bund damage due to chemical / toxic substance exposure

Loss of Bund integrity due to pipework movement

Age and wear related degradation

Applied as a penetrative liquid, SandSealms layers form an impermeable surface in hours.

Application take days, not months, like physical membranes, with no disruption to site operations.

The SandSealms System comes with comprehensive warranties.

The Benefits



Prevent toxic migration and leakage into the environment and water table

Meets EPA standards, including water quality COD and BOD requirements

Minimal transportation / application requirements mean dramatic reduction to transport and infrastructure loads


Health & Safety


Non-Flammable and slip resistant

Minimal installation crew and equipment requirements on site

Cost savings


Reduced program; Installation in days

Production; Zero down-time and no interruption to site operations

Cost benefit; Significant saving to program budget over other membrane systems




Total coverage including seams and joints, SandSealms System incorporates NeoFlex

Chemically resistant to hydrocarbon and corrosive liquids

SandSealms System allows for pipework movement, expansion & contraction

Resistant to age and wear related exposure

Suited to daily equipment and vehicle activity and non-catastrophic collision

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