Naturally innovative demolition and quarrying… without explosives

Need to demolish rock or concrete without explosives?

ECOBUST enables demolition without jackhammering or explosives, with a simple 3 step application.

Working as an expansive agent, ECOBUST produces 20,000 PSI during expansion, reaching 4x its original size within hours.

The result is controlled and effective demolition… without noise, vibration, dust or flying rock.

Ecobust non explosive demolition agent

Suitable For Use In


Confined Areas


Offices & Other Working Environments


Schools, Hospitals & Shopping Centres


Seismic Sensitive Foundations


Easy 3 Step Demolition With ECOBUST

Ecobust step one drilling image

Drill the holes

As per the drill pattern instructions supplied. 1.5″ wide and 80-90% depth.
Ecobust step two mixing image

Mix with water

Using the right type (based on temperature range), mix into a slurry
Ecobust step 3 pouring the mixture image

Pour the mix

Over the next 2-24 hours, ECOBUST will expand and do the breaking!

As featured on Gold Rush

Gold Rush Episode 18: Season 8 – Discovery Channel

As featured in Outback Opal Hunters

Tunnel Rats Use New Technique To Extract Opal
Outback Opal Hunters – Season 6- Discovery Australia

ECOBUST Applications Include…

Concrete Breaking

  • Stairwell removal
  • Foundation removal or repair
  • Pool demolition
  • Basement removal or repair
  • Water treatment plants
  • Demolition without vibration, dust and noise

Rock Breaking

  • Boulder Removal
  • Site development
  • Sewer & Pipeline Tunneling/Trenching
  • Excavation and Grading
  • Landscaping
  • No permits or exclusion zones required

Mining & Quarrying

  • Quarrying Basalt, Marble & Granite
  • Hard Rock Mines
  • Controlled Breaking To Reduce Blast Waste
  • Free Conveyer Systems From Aggregate Jams
  • Non Explosive, No Sparking & Non Toxic


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