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Do away with concrete blinding layers with PUR-X® BLINDER

The PUR-X® BLINDER System provides an innovative time saving, cost reducing option.

  • Speed up building critical path program
  • Can be installed after hours, or out of critical path
  • No noise or machinery needed
  • No excavation to install concrete
  • No need for concrete pumps or concrete
  • Not affected by the weather during placement
  • Save on haulage Landfill savings due to less excavation required
  • Reduce labour costs
  • Provide a strong base to support both the membrane (if needed) and reinforcing steel.
  • Reduce environmental impact / Environmentally Safe. (No VOC’s or TDI’s)
  • Ready to work on after 8 hours.
  • For use with or without a waterproofing membrane, above or below water table.


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