What is WetSuit®?

WetSuit® is a family of cold fluid-applied coatings, creating a seamless and self-flashing membrane suitable for roofing, waterproofing and specialty applications. Extremely durable, WetSuit® is applied to horizontal, vertical and blindside surfaces with superior adhesion, providing a warranty of up to 20 years.

WetSuit® System



Superior performance compared to other waterproofing solutions


Speed up execution time (140 sq metres per hour by a 3 man crew)

Cost Effective-

Reduces cost of installation and total cost of ownership
Westox Cocoon desalination compound

Withstands ponding water indefinitely (at 3 mm DFT), 360% plus elongation, crack bridging and expansion joints, with outstanding waterproofing & air/vapor barrier properties


Neptune Coatings are water based, Zero VOC, environmentally friendly,, disposal free (when existing system is not torn off), cold fluid applied, high heat reflective coupled with high SRI found in the Reflex top coat product reducing urban heat island effect, increasing energy efficiency

Westox Cocoon desalination compound

Features and Benefits

  • WetSuit® is seamless. No laps, no joins – designed to have constant ponding at 3 mm dft, therefore insufficient falls are not an issue
  • Lightweight, cold-applied, high impact & hail resistant, exceptional wind uplift, self-flashing
  • Has NO VOC’s
  • Cures within 5/10 seconds, making it immediately waterproof against rain.
  • Goes directly over most substrates after water blasting clean. i.e.  Plywood, Metal, Butanol, EDPM, Torch on membrane, TPO, Concrete, Block walls, Hardie board and confines Asbestos membranes.
  • Wetsuit can be patched/repaired and remain seamless. Perfect when alterations are being done or new penetrations, ariels or air conditioning units are installed
  • Fire resistant
  • UV stable
  • Able to be elongated to 360% of its finished size with a memory
  • Withstands sudden impact and seismic activity.
  • Application once detail work is completed is applied at a minimum rate of 250/300m2 per day
  • Can be used as the membrane for a paving system over the top
  • Can be used as the roofing, deck or podium membrane for Green Roof; Warm roof and Paved Areas
  • Has full Manufacturers and Approved Applicators warranty.
  • Conforms to CodeMark.


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