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Neoferma Compression Seals in Construction

Neoferma is a trusted provider of compression seals which are highly effective and versatile. Gaskets are widely used for a broad range of applications, from swimming pools, car parks and precast basements, to floor joints, facades, and bridges. With a service record...

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SEALTAQ® Civil Sealing Systems from Neoferma

Neoferma is committed to providing their clients with the best waterproofing materials to meet project specifications. Neoferma has partnered with STOPAQ®, Holland-based experts, in bringing a complete system of simple, long-lasting and eco-friendly waterproofing...

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Rubber Gasket for All Types of Joints from Neoferma

Neoferma Rubber gaskets are applied in environments that are exposed to water, moisture, and corrosive chemicals and are used in applications where exposure to both extreme hot and cold temperatures is inevitable. Neoferma's Rubber Gasket for Expansion and...

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Polymer Based Patch Coating by SEALTAQ® from Neoferma

Neoferma has formed a partnership with STOPAQ®, one of Holland's industry leaders in sealant technology, to develop SEALTAQ® Universal Band, a polymer based patch coating system. Polymer based patch coating is the rising industry standard for web-coating process...

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Concrete Waterproofing Using Neopanel

Waterproofing Concrete Below-Ground Concrete waterproofing protects a variety of existing below-ground structures that includes basements, underground houses, split-level buildings, underground storage areas and cellars. However, being below-ground, these structures...

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Ecobust Controlled Demolition

A recent episode of Discovery Channel's Gold Rush, has highlighted the effectiveness of Ecobust in controlled demolition. The story.... One of the project teams on the show came to a grinding halt when their digger hit a boulder they named King Kong. They had no...

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Expansion Joint System For Swimming Pools

Neoferma's Premium Pool Expansion Joint System A top-of-the-line pool expansion joint system is available through the Neojoint solution by Neoferma. Neojoint is a unique dual system comprising of Neoferma Compression Gasket and sodium bentonite. This provides a double...

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