SEALTAQ® Civil Sealing Systems from Neoferma

Neoferma is committed to providing their clients with the best waterproofing materials to meet project specifications. Neoferma has partnered with STOPAQ®, Holland-based experts, in bringing a complete system of simple, long-lasting and eco-friendly waterproofing solutions to Australia’s building and construction industry.

STOPAQ® developed SEALTAQ®, an airtight waterproofing system comprised of pure polymers within a variety of delivery mechanisms such as tapes and pastes. The system is made up of amorphous, non-cross-linkable, non-polar polymer composition which is impermeable once applied.

Aside from its ability to seal off water ingress, it also provides a protective, non-ageing protection due to its capacity to block off oxygen, water and bacteria – the factors that cause corrosion.

What makes SEALTAQ® unique?

SEALTAQ® provides a self-sealing, sustainable solution that adheres well to most types of substrate surfaces such as concrete, EPDM, neoprene, gypsum, aluminium, stainless steel, stone, brick, glass, PVC and PE.

SEALTAQ® is easy to use and saves more than 50% on application time. It doesn’t require pre-heating and operates with temperatures between -45 to 65°C. With a very long shelf-life, it doesn’t disintegrate over time. SEALTAQ® comes in encapsulated packaging and is available in various formats to meet application requirements.

SEALTAQ® AquaBlock

Aquablock is a DVGW approved waterproofing system. It is a swellable waterstop compound designed for sealing walls, pipes, cable inlets, joints and hollow spaces against gas, moisture, or standing and running water leaks. AquaBlock immediately seals off water ingress with no curing time needed. The sealant maintains its flexibility throughout its service life. It adjusts to the movements of pipes and cables; it also accommodates adding or removing of conduits without compromising the integrity and functionality of the SEALTAQ® AquaBlock seal.

AquaBlock can be applied in the following applications:


Wall inlets found below groundwater levels


Wall penetrations inside the building


Multi-pipe and cable inlets




Expansion joints that are leaking


Basement membrane


For sealing of windows


Wood or tile floors


An alternative to aging sealants, SEALTAQ® Paste waterproofing compound comes in a tubular pouch that fits small crevices and repairs imperfections in concrete and steel applications. It also provides protection against corrosion and can be used for static non-moving joints.

SEALTAQ® Lightweight Paste

Suitable for static joints, Lightweight Paste compound is available in a tubular pouch or sheet form. It protects against corrosion and delivers excellent insulation and water protection.

SEALTAQ® Construction/Joint Seal Band

The water sealing band comes in three available widths: 10, 30 and 60 cm – with a thickness measuring 4.5 mm. It comes with a flexible backing in black, or any requested colour to meet water sealing specifications. The Construction/Joint Seal Band is used for aerial and underground applications.

SEALTAQ® Wet Waterproof Band

Wet Waterproof Sealing Band is designed for non-moving seams and transition joints found in underground concrete. The sealing band can be applied to wet concrete and steel. Encapsulation by a mechanical barrier is advised.

SEALTAQ® Concrete Sealing Primer

Concrete Sealing Primer easily adheres to even moist and wet substrates. It is composed of a highly viscous compound that makes the application of SEALTAQ® Construction/Joint Seal Band possible.

SEALTAQ® Repair Filler

The ready to use Repair Filler is designed to fix non-moving cracks in concrete. It can be applied underwater without compromising its ability to stay immersed or submerged in water permanently.

SEALTAQ® Universal Band

The Universal Band comes in a paintable 1.2 mm thick sealing tape. It is compatible with 100% solids, liquid coatings, acrylics, water-based liquid rubbers and modified tile adhesives.

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