Rubber Gasket for All Types of Joints from Neoferma

Neoferma Rubber gaskets are applied in environments that are exposed to water, moisture, and corrosive chemicals and are used in applications where exposure to both extreme hot and cold temperatures is inevitable.

Neoferma’s Rubber Gasket for Expansion and Construction Joints

Neoferma rubber gaskets are designed to fit all types of expansion and construction joint systems. They are flexible and can be applied in a wide variety of applications, such as façades, roads, warehouses, cold stores, airfields, bridges, tanks, culverts, swimming pools, car parks, reservoirs, and various public venues.

The expansion rubber gaskets are easily compressed and maintain close contact with the surrounding substrate. Expansion gaskets are compatible to use with concrete, steel, glass or wood surfaces – ensuring a complete seal of the expansion joints.

The tight-seal joint application of expansion rubber gaskets provides additional benefits, such as the following:

Water and Wind Resistance

Neoferma rubber gaskets can be applied in marine environments. The impermeable surface makes it resistant against water and corrosive materials. Rubber gaskets have successfully surpassed a wind velocity test for buildings that are 100 metres high, with winds of up to 160km/hour, creating a pressure of 160km/m2.

Acoustic and Thermal Insulation

Tight-sealing of rubber gaskets into expansion joints provides excellent sound and thermal insulation.

Neoferma expansion rubber gaskets are manufactured using EPDM (Synthetic rubber), neoprene or other similar synthetic rubber materials. They come in standard black colour, though are available in other colours, with a minimum quantity requirement, to ensure the right fit to client’s specifications and design criteria.

Since 1986, Neoferma has provided the building and construction industry with a broad range of specialist products.

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