Premium Neojoint Pool Expansion Joint System from Neoferma

Neoferma’s Premium Pool Expansion Joint System

Neojoint is a unique dual system comprising Neoferma compression gasket and sodium bentonite. The system offers an effective double-waterproofing barrier.

The Neoferma gasket is a key component of the Neojoint pool expansion joint system. The EPDM rubber compression seal is made of hollow rubber that terminates in individual ribs.

The Neoferma gasket is used in famous Australian pools such as The Olympic Pool in Homebush, Sydney and The Commonwealth Games Pool in Brisbane, as pictured above.

Some key points for the Neojoint;

  • Neojoint is ideally suited for pool expansion joints.
  • Refill the pool immediately, no curing period needed.
  • Neojoint is tested to withstand in excess of 10-metre head of water pressure.
    UV stable and chlorine resistant.
  • Suitable for use in concrete expansion joints of pools, tanks, and decks.
  • All applications installed to specification are fully guaranteed for 25 years.


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