Polymer Based Patch Coating by SEALTAQ® from Neoferma

Neoferma has formed a partnership with STOPAQ®, one of Holland’s industry leaders in sealant technology, to develop SEALTAQ® Universal Band, a polymer based patch coating system.

Polymer based patch coating is the rising industry standard for web-coating process solutions. Also known as discontinuous or selective area coating, the coating device deposits the process material in coat discrete shapes or “patches” over the substrate.

What is SEALTAQ®?

SEALTAQ® Universal Band is a unique, cost-effective air tightness and waterproofing solution. Designed for a variety of structural applications, SEALTAQ® Universal Band is easy to install and offers long-lasting results.

SEALTAQ® is a polyester non-woven fibre material that resolves problems regarding water ingress, air tightness and corrosion. SEALTAQ® works for all types of infrastructure, whether it be residential, commercial, telecommunications, electrical, transportation, wastewater, industrial or agricultural. After applying SEALTAQ®, the result is a flat and smooth surface that is ready for painting or coating applications.

The nonpolar molecular structure of SEALTAQ® Universal Band guarantees <0.03% water absorption properties for 100% water resistance. Applied areas will reliably deter osmosis and underfilm water ingress that promotes agents of corrosion, such as oxygen, bacteria and polar solvents like water and salt dilutions.

SEALTAQ® Universal Band harnesses the latest technology for the eco-friendly manufacturing process of high-resilience polymer based patch coating solutions. Neoferma keeps their promise of providing a cost-effective and long-lasting service, while presenting zero health and safety hazards to humans and the environment.

Learn more about the benefits of SEALTAQ® Universal Band for polymer based patch coating jobs by visiting Neoferma at www.neoferma.com today.


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