Neoferma Neopanel


There are numerous cost, health and safety and construction efficiency advantages through using this system for waterproofing in below water table situations thus enabling the realisation of a number of cost gains for the Contractor and Developer on any project:

A faster construction programme means earlier tenancy.


Advantages of the NeoPanel system

  • Maximum use of site – No over excavation
  • Reduced construction programme
  • Reduce trades on site
  • Panels waterproofed off site
  • No confined space issues
  • Total basement tanking
  • Self sealing panel and hob joints
  • Increased protection against below ground contaminants increasing the panel life.

High rise project with three level basement below water table

Neopanel waterproofing installation

Two level basement

Note 100mm space between panel and steel sheet pile – NO OVER EXCAVATION

Neoferma Neopanel MSDS



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