Neoferma Formalises a Cooperation Agreement with Anuvi in India

In its global expansion, Neoferma recently formalised a cooperation agreement with Anuvi Chemicals, a privately owned company based in Thane near Mumbai. Under the agreement, Anuvi will act as the distributor for the full range of Neoferma products for India and most of the countries around it.

Anuvi Chemicals has over three decades in business and has intimate knowledge about polymers, the company has succeeded in earning the trust of clients from far and wide, with its large collection of products and customised services. Anuvi has cantered its operations on three main pillars: Innovation, Co-creation and being Future-ready.

The business development of the Neoferma product line within Anuvi is managed by Mr Ravi Shankar. A veteran in the Indian construction chemicals market, Mr Shankar has a long track record within the industry.

For Neoferma, the technical and commercial support is provided from the Dubai office of Neoferma.

The synergy between Anuvi and Neoferma provides a stable base for successful cooperation which will last for many years.


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