Neoferma Acryl-X 1000 Used for Screen Injection in a Deep Ventilation Shaft

A Ventilation shaft providing the necessary airflow in a deep pumping station in the Northern districts of Manama in Bahrain was leaking from multiple spots over the wall. The concrete shaft wall 30 meters deep and 25 meters in length – was cast against a secant pile wall. The shaft was next to the seafront, so the water table was high.

Since the wall was leaking all over the surface, classical crack and joint injections with Polyurethane resins were not ideal.

Instead, the technical team of Neoferma suggested installing an Acrylic screen in between the concrete wall and the secant pile wall. The space is small so the amount of Acryl-X resin would be controllable.

A matrix of injection points – on a pattern 50 by 50 cm – was drilled over the wall and injected with Neoferma Acryl-X 1000. Reaction time was set to about 10 minutes, allowing the resin mix to flow far from the injection points.

Control holes in the wall were provided in order to check and control the flow of the resin.

After injection, the leakage stopped completely and the wall could be repainted.

basement waterproofing with Swellseal MS

ACRYL-X 1000

ACRYL-X 1000 is a non-toxic aqueous solution of multifunctional acrylic monomers. The resin gels in a few seconds to a few minutes when an activator/initiator is added just before use. The final product is a soft and tacky crosslinked gel. In wet, or dry conditions, the volume of the gel increases, or decreases, in a reversible and waterproofing manner.

Designed For

  • Below grade expansion joints with reinforcement agent instead of water in the B-component
  • Screen Injections
  • Injection into very fine leaking cracks or joints
  • Injection of Re-Injectable injection hoses


  • Multipurpose product
  • Very good adhesion to many substrates
  • Non-toxic
  • Not flammable
  • No acrylamide
  • Very low viscosity
  • Durable in wet and dry conditions
  • Wet-dry cycle behaviour can be improved by adding special agents

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