Expansion Joint System For Swimming Pools

Neoferma’s Premium Pool Expansion Joint System

A top-of-the-line pool expansion joint system is available through the Neojoint solution by Neoferma.

Neojoint is a unique dual system comprising of Neoferma Compression Gasket and sodium bentonite. This provides a double waterproofing barrier.

In the event that water bypasses the Neoferma Gasket’s seal, the bentonite will swell and stop its progress. This double waterproofing guarantees the joint will stay watertight.

basement waterproofing with Swellseal MS

Key advantages of Neojoint include:


Refill the pool immediately, no curing period needed


Tested to withstand in excess of 10-metre head of water pressure


UV stable/Chlorine resistant.


Suitable for concrete expansion joints, in pools, tanks, and decks


All applications installed to specification are fully guaranteed


Available in any colour

How Neojoint Works

The Neoferma gasket is a key component of the Neojoint pool expansion joint system. The Santoprene compression seal is made of hollow rubber that terminates in individual ribs.

This material exhibits high flexibility and compression to maintain close contact with concrete, steel and timber substrates. Neojoint does not require primers or bonding agents usually associated with conventional sealants.

As a result, construction time is reduced, whilst preventing bond breakage and joint failure. Added to this, Neoferma’s Neojoint easy to install into a wet joint. Once applied, this delivers superb performance, ensuring a complete seal of the joint.


Composition of Neojoint

The Neojoint pool expansion joint system uses sodium bentonite to double the waterproofing capabilities.

Sodium bentonite is a clay mineral that is composed of montmorillonite, a hydrous aluminum silicate. In case water passes the Neoferma seal from either above or below, the Bentonite will swell up to 15 times its dry original volume. The highly colloidal properties of sodium bentonite, allows Neojoint to fill the voids and exert pressure. Thus, the lateral force against the joint walls will stop water ingress, to guarantee a waterproof pool expansion joint system. The twofold waterproofing features of Neojoint has garnered positive feedback from the construction industry in Australia.


Neojoint is specially designed for endurance of over 10m head of water pressure. On top of its high-resilience build quality, Neojoint is stable when exposed to the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun to prevent product degradation over time. In the long run, Neojoint will offer reliable service of up to 50 years. Pool owners can also save money for improving the facilities of the pool, instead of spending on the maintenance of water.

With these sought-after features, Neoferma proves to be the cost-effective choice for pool expansion joint systems.

Other uses for Neojoint

The Neojoint pool expansion joint system is also suitable for use in reservoirs, sub-watertable constructions, dam wall expansion joints, mining evaporation ponds, service station forecourts, fuel farms, chemical factory precincts and loading hardstands.

Previous projects including Neojoint

The abbreviated list of projects enlisting Neojoint currently includes the Burwood Council, Eurobodalla Council, Dumaresq Shire Council, Gloucester Shire Council, Lane Cove Council, Wellington Shire Council, Parkes Shire Council, and Kingaroy Council.


Expansion joint solution

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