Site Dust Suppression

“Dust can cause health problems for both workers and neighbours. Construction-site operators and owner-builders are required by law to minimise dust emissions from their sites. The level of dust must not breach the standards set in development consent conditions;”
– Ref. NSW Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment.

To manage the problem, one of the measures at your disposal is dust suppression. Spraying water is one of the most common measures. However, with current water restrictions in many areas of Australia means that water-trucks are no longer the solution to this problem, additionally the cost of daily, repetitive treatment with watertrucks is costly.

Builders are increasingly vulnerable to action from the local councils and workplace-health-and-safety due to the amount of dust interfering with workers as well as local and adjacent properties. Neoferma DustSealMS binds the loose substrate particles together and solves the problem.


DustSealms  is a dust-proofing surface sealant which is:

  • Easy to apply using a spray application.
  • Fast curing; the surface is usually suitable for light traffic withing 6 hours after application.
  • Long lasting*; the product is UV stable, rain resistant and could last for up to five years in non-trafficable areas.
    *Subject to concentration of application.
  • Australian Made
  • Made from Environmentally Friendly components
  • It’s ultra low viscosity makes it suitable for use on a wide variety of ground conditions ranging from fine sand to loose gravel.


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