Basement Waterproofing

Basement Waterproofing … The Evolution of the Leak.

Waterproofing basements has always been a conundrum.

To effectively tank you need to be waterproofing at the positive side of the walls and floor (where the water comes from).

Over years as the footprint of the building became more valuable, the old method of battering down to the base of the wall then waterproofing the outside of the wall and back-filling was no longer viable…All the space on the block had to be used.

basement waterproofing with Swellseal MS

The challenges of basement tanking

Basement walls began to be made from driven piles, CSM, steel driven sheet piles and lately pre-manufactured walling systems etc so that access to the outside of the basement wall by a waterproofer was no longer possible.

Some of the manufacturers tried to create a waterproof barrier but this was not practically possible (it might have worked in the laboratory but not on a building site).

So … What to do?
Negative waterproofing (waterproofing the inside of the wall) is always problematic
Since, hydro-static pressure can crack concrete, how do you prevent it pushing off a membrane on the inside of the wall?

Secondly, no protection from the ingress of water into the actual wall meant that the structure was severely compromised.

What if there was a way to gain the advantages of a positive-side waterproof seal, without sacrificing basement footprint?

NeoPanel – Pre-cast Basement Waterproofing System

In 2003 Neoferma Australia introduced a patented Pre-cast basement system – NeoPanel, where a reactive membrane was placed under the concrete floor and onto the wall substrate before the walls were installed, allowing the sealing of the panel joints from the negative side but providing a positive side water tight seal. This solution enables all the requirements of the developer and builder to be met.

Neoferma Australia has always conducted a look and learn procedure, recognizing that basement waterproofing is not a ‘one size fits all’ situation. We pride ourselves in devising unique solutions. So, Neoferma Australia introduced an entirely new system called Swellseal MS.

Bentonite Waterproofing with Swellseal MS

Unlike some similar systems, Swellseal MS is a bentonite membrane designed for use in situations where protection is required in fresh, saline or contaminated water and certain gasses such as methane.

At its core, is a fully fibre reinforced membrane composite made from premium grade sodium bentonite granules with a 200 micron PE liner on the waterside for added protection.

The system does not end there; We have designed and developed a range of products including waterstops, compression seals, termination bars and inject-able cold joint hose systems, all of which are covered by a full warranty plus additional insurance cover. This ticks the boxes when used in conjunction with CSM walls, ensuring that a compatible system is used.

Your Basement Waterproofing Solution

Every aspect of every type of basement is addressed and each area is detailed. Neoferma Australia has a network of trained and accredited applicators across Australia and has extensive experience in the UAE.

With over 20 years of experience Neoferma can deliver a dry basement, even one well under the water table.

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