Neotone Stain Uses

Architectural Concrete

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

Bush Hammered Concrete

Common Brick

Giant Brick

Face Brick

Pre-Cast Panels

Tilt Up Panels

Warm Tone Cement

Block(standard weight)

Slump Block


Natural Stone


Protects against industrial airborne chemicals, Chloride iron and carbonation (acid rain) attack.

Reduces soiling and fume absorption. Minimizes run-down discolouration.

Facilitates cleaning, reduces dirt entrapment on rough textures.

Maintains water repellency.

The clear treatment remains invisible over long periods.

The stain holds in tone and will not discolour.

Ultra violet resistant.

Avoids darkening of surface during rain.

Permits breathing, allowing entrapped moisture vapour to escape safely.

Minimizes efflorescence and migrating salts.

Reduces spalling and deterioration.

Easily applied by standard methods.

Blends into surface with later treatments showing no evidence of repaid coating.

Can be made in most colours or colour match existing surfaces.

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