Sealtaq® Aquablock and Universal Band

  • Adheres to wet and dry surfaces
  • Fast & easy to apply
  • Water and gas impermeable
  • Long-term protection, does not age
  • Seals running water leaks

With a range of applications for preventing water ingress, providing airtightness and corrosion resistance, Sealtaq® features efficient installation and is inert to ageing and weathering.

Sealtaq® is impermeable once applied. It adheres to plywood, concrete, tiles, brick, natural stone, steel, glass and plastics. Any seam can be sealed easily, even at very low temperatures.

SealtaqAquablockUniversal Band & Membranes
Product InfoProvides water and gas tight protection. Synthetic compound that is non-toxic and has high temperature resistance. It is elastic, remaining permanently flexible.Applications for where airtightness, water ingress and/or corrosion is a problem.

The material has a greyish polyester non-woven fibre top layers that allows for immediate painting or coating.
Application Examples- Seals running water leaks
- Inlets below groundwater level
- Wall penetrations inside buildings
- Multi-pipe & cable inlets
- expansion joints
- Concrete to plastic formwork joints
- Tunnel linings
- Pipe wrapping
- Control joints
- Box gutters
- Roofs
- Wet areas
Features- Minimal surface preparation
- Can resist up to 0.3bar of groundwater pressure
- Water and gas impermeable
- Adheres on many types of dry substrates
- No osmosis or underfilm water migration
- Resistant to water, salts and polar solvents
Benefits- Immediate sealing, no curing time needed
- Remains flexible, adjusts to movement
- No fumes or chemical reactions
- Easy to apply, even at low temperatures
- Easy to control during application and can be moulded
- No health and safety hazards for humans

Aquablock Datasheet

Universal Band Datasheet