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Product Designed for Benefits

Spine Seal

SpineSeal® is a patented* expansion and control joint system for sealing gaps in vertical, horizontal and overhead structures. SpineSeal delivers fast installation times, high performance sound and moisture barriers and weather seals, and reduced environmental and OH&S impacts.

Easy application
Fast installation
Clean and safe installation
No preparatory work
Economical labour costs
Excellent sound and weather insulation seal
Flexibility and retainability
Long life
Quality Control

Facades, Car Park Decks, Bridges, Tunnels,Tanks, Swimming Pools, Roads, Culverts, Water Ways, Reservoirs, Podiums, Floor Joints, Airfields, Cold Storage, Warehouses, Recording Studios, TV Studios, Tilt Panel Joints, Expansion Joints, Pre cast Panels, Water Towers

Thermal Insulation
Acoustic Insulation


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