Neoferma Elastoclad Applications

ELASTOCLAD can be applied by roller, brush, or airless spray. It should be applied to appropriate drying time between coats and total film build should be 580 microns (dry). Allow approx. half a litre per square metre for each coat. Very absorbent surfaces should be primed with ELASTOPRIME prior to coating. ELASTOCLAD may also be used in composite coatings incorporating fibreglass matting at 1.5 litres per square metre approximate coverage. Equipment may be cleaned immediately after use with soap and water. If the product has begun to dry it may be necessary to add a small amount of alcohol (Metho) to wash up water.

ELASTOCLAD forms a durable membrane, which allows moisture vapour to slowly escape form the coated wall without letting liquid moisture in. The finished coating will stretch and expand to compensate for expansion and contraction of concrete sections and will also bridge gaps which may form under the coating du to micro cracking of the substrate. ELASTOCLAD resists U.V. degradation and has excellent resistance to chalking and dirt pickup.

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